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Портативная индукционная система. Комплект микрофонов, микшер, усилитель,  индукционный передатчик,  петля.  

Индукционные приемники это  ваши гарнитуры  Bluetooth

Принцип действия прибора  вот такой же как на картинке ,  только вместо телефона - микшерский пульт, который вы видите в чемодане,   а петля  огромная на весь  демонстрационнный зал , охватывает одновременно сотни человек.     

Упрощенный принцип действия,  петля  вокруг зала.



Вот как выглядит система

Portable Loop System      P-39M   D4500

Portable loop system especially suitable for medium sized meeting rooms up to 70 sq m. Any number of hearing aid wearers within the looped area can benefit from the system. This mains powered loop is housed in a strong durable carry case with a built-in amplifier and a reel of loop cable. This system is supplied with one hand held and one radio microphone.  There are other options in this range with different choices of microphone.
Product code: PL08 

Price: 1,190.09    это фото и цена более слабой модели, но похоже.

Loop with 1 hand held and 1 radio (tie-clip or hand held)  microphone

В комплект входит 

Микрофон  проводной Electret Wired Video camcorder microphone. 

Микрофон с круговой диаграммой направленности.   Audio-Technica Omnidirectional condenser boundary microphone, battery/phantom ,   Audio-Technica AT8531 Power module, 9-52V phantom power or 1.5V AA battery, TB3M in

Радиомикрофон беспроводной   wireless microphone TOA WM-370  с  карманным блоком - передатчиком  

Петля метров 100. 


view of loop system in use with table mics


What is a Tele-coil, Loop System or Induction Coil?

An induction loop system is a loop of wire that is installed around the perimeter of a listening area and it emits a magnetic field. The loop receives its input signal from a sound source such as the public address system in a theatre, church or other public venue. Most modern hearing aids are compatible with loop systems. Compatible aids feature a T switch. With the switch set to the T position the wearer can hear the sound source directly via the loop, bypassing the hearing aids microphone.

Loop System Diagram

Where do I find loop systems?

Venues that provide a loop system display the Ear symbol. Many public buildings are wired with loop systems. Sometimes loops systems are not turned on or are broken, so you must ask if you are unsure. If you are not certain, try switching your aid to the T position. If your hearing improves, it is picking up the loop system. If you hear a buzzing sound or a wind-like noise, then there is no loop system working.

You will find loop systems in many public buildings and on some telephones. Some people have them installed in their own homes. Some telephones will often specify it is Hearing Aid compatible, which indicates it will receive the loop signal.

Hearing Loop sign

For information on loop system availability at popular venues all over NZ just consult the venue listing here.

Is my hearing aid compatible with a loop system?

Most modern hearing aids are compatible with loop systems, or can be made compatible. You will need a T switch option on your hearing aid. If you are not sure ask the staff at Hearing Consultants.

Some hearing aids have an MT option, which means the wearer has the best of both worlds, hearing via the microphone and via the loop system simultaneously.

How Do Induction Loop Systems Work?

induction loop systemsInduction loop systems consist of a thin wire that is placed around the listening area*, a special amplifier and microphone(s). Speech signals are amplified and circulated through the loop wire. The resulting magnetic energy field is detected and amplified by the "telecoil" or telephone switch circuitry common to many hearing aids, cochlear implants and induction loop receivers. The end result is a high quality amplified reproduction of the original speech signal. Intelligibility is greatly increased because the distance between the speaker and the listener(s) is bridged and background environmental noise is reduced. (Click on above image for an enlarged version.) Above illustration adapted with permission: Cynthia Compton, Gallaudet University, Copyright 1991.

*The unique Portable InfoLoop is a one-on-one system that integrates the loop wire, microphone, electronics and rechargeable battery into a compact carrying case.





Отдельные элементы находящиеся в чемодане:

wireless microphone TOA WM-370  беспроводной радиомикрофон 





Audio-Technica AT8531 Power module, 9-52V phantom power or 1.5V AA battery, TB3M in

Audio-Technica Power module, 9-52V phantom power or 1.5V AA battery, TB3M in
The Audio Technica AT8531B is an in-line body-pack power supply for AT series gooseneck and overhead microphones. The unit is designed to supply 9 to 52V phantom power and uses AA batteries. A low frequency roll-off switch is provided and minimizes structure and wind noise and a belt clip provides added stability. The unit features a TB3-male input and standard 3-pin XLR-male output connector.


Audio-Technica U841A Omnidirectional condenser boundary microphone, battery/phantom

Audio-Technica Omnidirectional condenser boundary microphone, battery/phantom
The Audio-Technica U841A is an omnidirectional boundary microphone designed for highly intelligible sound reinforcement, professional recording, television and conferencing in surface-mount applications. The microphone's omnidirectional polar pattern is capable of accurately reproducing audio at 360 degrees. The surface mounted U841A features a polarized condenser element that reproduces audio with crisp detail and pristine fidelity. UniGuard RFI-shielding protects against radio frequency interference. The microphone is powered via phantom or 1.5V AA battery power, an external in-line phantom power supply is included. The U841A is an excellent choice for capturing conferences, meetings, broadcasts, performances, ambiance and more.


Такая же система только в мини исполнении. 

Uni 70 Across Counter System (1)  

состоит из трёх предметов

Усилитель, микрофон, индукционная петля (в виде прямоугольной пластины )

Manufacturer: Univox by Bo Edin
Price: 250.42
Leaflets   скачать инструкцию pdf
Across the counter communications system to assist the hearing impaired customer.

System 1 includes a 13A boundary microphone and a Univox DLS-70 amplifier.

The Uni 70 has a discreetly placed microphone and loop pad and can even be used through security glass.

The system enables a number of hearing aid users to listen to speech from microphones, radio, and television.

UniVox DLS 70 Loop Amplifier - Hearing Amplifier

Manufacturer: Univox by Bo Edin
Price: 163.73


Hearing Amplifier Description

The UniVox DLS Hearing Amplifier series of induction loop amplifiers have been designed for use in smaller locations for hearing aid users, such as reception areas and waiting rooms.

When the hearing aid user demands stability and reliability from a hearing amplifier, the Univox DLS 70 will deliver even in difficult and challenging environments. This results in your hard of hearing customers being more satisfied through better hearing; reflecting better customer services, communications and sales for you.

This hearing amplifier system covers an area of 70m.

The loop amplifier system enables a number of hearing aid users to listen to speech from microphones, radio, television, hi-fi and live performances.

With its built-in monitor it is easy to check and maintain excellent sound quality.

13A boundary microphone

13A Small Boundary Microphone

13A Small Boundary Microphone
Manufacturer: Univox by Bo Edin
Price: 11.50
13A Small Boundary Microphone

Univox microphones have been specifically designed to work with Univox amplifiers to give the best quality sound possible.

This discreet boundary layer omni microphone can be used for across the counter system and TV speakers.

All power is delivered through the microphone output on Univox amplifiers, thus eliminating the need for external batteries.

All are Electret condenser microphones designed to work with Phantom Voltage (1.5V).

Price excludes VAT.


1.2m2 Portable Induction Loop system



Инфракрасный петлевой приемник

RI150LL Mono Infrared Loop Receiver

RI 150/RI 150LL

Mono stethoset receiver receiving 2.3MHz (Ch.1). RI 150LL has an integral neck induction loop for the hard of hearing.

SENNHEISER RI 150LL Mono stethoset receiver  


Wideband Distribution Systems

Wideband distribution systems can offer high quality audio for music or speech distribution over a large area for uses such as hearing support systems or audio commentary in auditoria. A variety of radiators and receivers are available depending on the application. Full manufacturers details and technical specifications available on request.



An alternative to an induction loop system is an infrared system. Infrared systems are used when confidentiality is an issue, adjacent rooms are to be installed, a multi channel system is needed i.e. for hearing impairment support and translation, easy portability or an induction loop simply cant be installed for technical or financial reasons.

Infrared systems use invisible infrared light to carry the sound to wearable receivers. There are two types of receivers, a stethoset which convert the infrared light to audio and a neck loop which convert the infrared light to a personal  induction loop. Each receivers has a rechargeable battery pack which can be easily charged in charging racks.

The infra red light is transmitted by infrared radiators (shown above). These radiators are available in a number of different models depending on the distance and area to be covered.



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